There are other tribute acts who attempt to replicate Led Zeppelin’s music, but only ZEPPELIN LIVE can perform the full range of Led Zeppelin LIVE! onstage, including the most complex and challenging songs that Led Zeppelin themselves recorded in the studios and performed for a live audience. No other rendition of Zeppelin’s music rivals this level of performance. ZEPPELIN LIVE captures it all flawlessly.

Zeppelin Live (formerly Heartbreaker) has been playing all over the western hemisphere since 2000, performing as far north as Anchorage Alaska, as far south as Trinidad and the Dominican Republic and as far east as Providence, Rhoad Island. The cast of players includes:

Jefrey James, one of the greatest artists ever to portray Robert Plant on stage. His love of the music of Led Zeppelin, coupled with their ever growing public demand, has driven Jefrey to dedicate his vast vocal talents and years of live stage experience to bring to life the most authentic looking, performing, and sounding Robert Plant impersonation ever.

Stuart Horton as Jimmy Page. Stuart is accomplished at many different styles of music (rock, jazz, blues, fusion), and is equally adept on electric, acoustic, and 12-string guitars.

Scott Brooks as John Bonham. Scott brings over 20 years of recording, drumming, and percussion experience to Heartbreaker. Scott starting honing his craft at an early age and was influenced by many of the great rock, progressive, and jazz legends of our time such as David Garibaldi, Virgil Donati, Steve Smith, Neil Peart, and of course, John Bonham.

Joel Pelletier as John Paul Jones. Joel utilizes many of his musical and theatrical talents as a bassist, keyboard player, mandolin player and singer to do John Paul Jones and Led Zeppelin justice.

If you’re looking for entertainment that’s totally fresh, unique, and full of energy for your next special event, we now invite you to take a magical journey back to the ’70s and to experience once again the group that made rock-n-roll come alive. Accept no substitutes. ZEPPELIN LIVE is the immaculate reincarnation of Led Zeppelin.