The Sound of Purple has every nuance of DEEP PURPLE down! They are the culmination of 2 years of auditions to find the right band members. Every second they are on stage they look and play like the original band, DEEP PURPLE.

The Sound of Purple

Acclaimed Rock Reviewer, Taylor Carlson, for ZRocKR Magazine, writes, “they sound better than the real band does these days.” The Sound of Purple is very grateful for this review.

The Sound of Purple is not trying to “be” DEEP PURPLE. There will never be another DEEP PURPLE. Rather, they are paying homage to the very band they grew up listening to and learning from, DEEP PURPLE. It is this devotion that feeds The Sound of Purple’s authenticity to the music of DEEP PURPLE.

You won’t find many DEEP PURPLE Tribute Bands out there because the music is so complicated to play. Each band mate in The Sound of Purple is a world class musician who has had a great rock career of his own and was heavily influenced by DEEP PURPLE.


“These guys sound better than the real band does these days!” ~ ZROCKER MAGAZINE (9/21/15)
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