CHANGES IN LATITUDES is the country’s premier tribute show to singer, songwriter Jimmy Buffett, the master of the tropical life style. They will transform your event into the ultimate beach party. Their aim is to musically transport you to somewhere between the Caribbean and the South Pacific, to take you to “Mardi-Gras” and “Carnival”.

Changes in Latitudes: Jimmy Buffett TributeEach show is good clean fun, and can be enjoyed by the whole family, while still being appreciated by the “adult” crowds. The aim is to offend no one, and entertain everyone. Every show is a party, with leis and beach balls flying, and dancing conga lines.

CHANGES IN LATITUDES recreates the complete Jimmy Buffett concert experience with amazing authenticity. With a full tropical stage set-up, you will believe that you are at a Buffett show before they play a note. Leader Steve Kareta mimics Jimmy’s casual, storyteller style, taking you on a laid-back musical trip through the sun-drenched waters of the Caribbean. Working their way around the country for 10 years, CHANGES IN LATITUDES has garnered the title of THE MOST AUTHENTIC JIMMY BUFFETT TRIBUTE show in the country, earning rave reviews from the most discerning of audiences, the “Parrothead” Clubs (official Jimmy Buffett fan clubs).