1985: ”Hello, Mars Talent, this is Wendy Kay”. They ring from early morning to the wee hours of the night — including weekends. The days are long and can be stressful, but Wendy enjoys the work.

After graduating from Oneonta State (New York) in 1981 with a degree in Psychology, she accepted a job with the State of New York Department Of Corrections, in Albany, NY. She then moved into the juvenile delinquent system as a counselor until 1983.

Wendy’s next position was sales representative for the Hoover Company in Connecticut, where she worked until 1985. That year proved to be the turning point in her life.

Arnie had his first heart attack, and Wendy came home to help with the family business. Arnie started Mars Talent Agency in 1972. His specialty was booking ’50s and ’60s acts, and eventually became the exclusive agent for many of them. Wendy’s first year at Mars Talent was tough. Besides worrying about her father, she came into the business cold, and had to learn things very quickly. As the year passed, Wendy became more adept at handling the business. With the support of her mom, Rosalie, and the constant encouragement of Arnie, she gained the trust of the acts, promoters and other agents.

With the return of the “nostalgia era,” Mars Talent acts and business kept expanding. Wendy continued to grow with the business. By the time Arnie had his second heart attack in 1991, Wendy was responsible for the day-to-day operations of Mars Talent.

1993 was a very sad year for Mars Talent, its clientele, and the music business. Arnie had his last heart attack, and passed away at the age of 59. He left behind his wife, Rosalie, Wendy, his son Steven, and his daughter Cindy.

Carrying on her father’s legacy-

In 2019, Wendy will be celebrating 34 years in the entertainment business.

Over the years she’s been in business, Wendy Kay has enjoyed her representation of artists from the 50’s to the 90’s to today’s best production shows. Wendy’s most enjoyable part of her business is producing multi-act concerts and her national Dream Night Talent Search, working with up and coming emerging artists, which is reflective of both her passion and her well-honed vision. “Working with Dream Night keeps me young and humble and I never tire of the dedicated talent I get to meet and grow to love!”

Wendy’s father, Arnie Kay, founded Mars Talent Agency in 1972. His specialty was booking 50’s and 60’s artists. In 1985, Wendy joined the family business— and never left. In 2006, Wendy joined forces with the principles of Paradise Artists and was inspired to form their sister company, Utopia Artists. In 2010, Paradise and Utopia amicably went their separate ways and Wendy forged ahead with Utopia Artists, LLC.

Regarding her passion for the stars of yesteryear, Wendy shares, “I don’t see things changing overall for the Classic Rock/Nostalgia market. People thrive on memories of a better time. They can hear the words and relate to their past. The songs are in every movie, every commercial and TV production. And it’s affordable in comparison to today’s artists.”

She adds, “I plan to continue to travel on many of my dates to get to meet the buyers I have been dealing with for many years. I plan to be around for quite some time!”

In addition to booking the nationally-known 50’s to 90’s artists- to those of today, Utopia also has an African acrobat production called Cirque Zuma Zuma from 2011 America’s Got Talent. Wendy says, “Wow! Do they have talent and know how to capture an audience!” We also book spectacular ice skating productions on synthetic or real ice. Reminisces Wendy, “These shows bring back many memories of being a child and watching Ice Capades.”

UTOPIA ARTISTS/MARS TALENT AGENCY has been a leader in the talent buying industry for the last 34 years. We have produced corporate shows, fundraising events, and worked with Fairs and Festivals, Performing Arts Centers, Casinos and Private Events. We have booked major concerts with such luminaries as: MICHAEL JACKSON, NELLY, THE BEACH BOYS, LEANN RIMES, CLINT BLACK, KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND and so many more.

OUR outstanding reputation among clients and our network of agencies, artists, and management gives us the best buying power to allow us to provide the most current information, including pricing, availability(routing specials), and more for any artist of interest. We work for you to select talent specific to your venue/event and budget.

Kelly Miller moved over to Mars Talent Agency in Sep 2018. Kelly is a seasoned agent who is sure to bring new life and talent to Mars and we are all excited to have her aboard. “Come To Mars For The Stars”

From the adventures of Dream Night talent search, Wendys latest venture with industry executive, Dennis Gelbaum is WENDEE: A new music artist development and management company. #wearemad

With Mars Talent Agency, Utopia Artists, Dream Night Talent Search and now WENDEE, Wendy is very busy and excited about what is still yet to come.

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